About Us

LuxLiving Homes is a multifaceted company where your options can be explored.  Whether you are looking to build a family home, a duplex investment or a medium density development we can achieve it. Our main goal, as a company, is to deliver quality homes that achieve both the client’s expectation whilst achieving our own objectives

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What makes us different?

We specialise in managing your project from the planning stage to hand-over.  The service we provide our clients is a full service package which includes the planning phase, moving the project through council to eventually achieve your DA (Developments Application).  Once the DA is out of council we build, construct and manage your project through to OC (Occupation Certificate). We will also manage the subdivision of your property, if required.

We will design your project based on cost efficiency with fixed price contracts to ensure peace of mind throughout the building process. We build our homes in accordance with our upgraded inclusion lists, which we use across the board.

We can also advise potential investors of sites that they could purchase and develop with Luxliving homes. 

Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us and we believe transparent communication is key. We work with our clients with the ultimate goal of establishing a lasting relationship for future business together.